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General principles of AR
Hey Guys it's Wollelol again! After winning the first PPL and going undefeated I feel like sharing all the stuff I was holding back! So this guide is gonna be a big one and about the most important stuff and some advanced skills you need to win a game of AR! Now lets talk about what you will read in the following sections. Vision Cover Next Turn Cooldown Tempo Some of those sections might seem kinda weird but bear with it. After each section you should take a small break and think about what you just read and if a situation comes to your mind in which you had something like that happen. Ok lets go and improve that GAMEPLAY!

How to Position as a Firepower
A lot of people asked me the following question: What's the most important thing in AR? Dealing Damage? Teamwork? Predictions? Feelings? Sandwich?In my opinion it's positioning (yeah the title gave it away right?). Why is positioning so important in AR? Well for all the reasons i listed above! Being in a good position increases the damage you will be able to deal, decreasing the damage you will recieve, allow yourself to better predict the enemy (through limiting his options) and improve your teamwork (not blocking your mates or grouping around the same spot). It will also allow yourself to make a sandwich cause you will win so many games you got all the queue time in the world! :D So why should you care about my opinion? A excellent question. I'm currently one of the official recognized "good" players in AR; being a part of the winning team of both alpha tournaments and reaching 2332 elo in the sneak peek alpha. This info will hopefuly motivate you to read this guide and maybe even leave a nice comment. ;) If you have questions what cover actualy is or about general gameplay I also wrote a guide about that and a short overview of all the freelancers. Which you can find here http://forums.atlasreactorgame.com/showthread.php?1528-Advanced-Gameplay-Guide Lets get down to buisness what will this guide cover? General advice to improve positioning for FIREPOWER players. Why only firepower? I played some decent amount of frontliner (100+ games) and support (200+ games) but my main role is firepower (500+ games). In my opinion each role needs different positioning and mindset to succeed. In future if there is enough positive feedback and requests I'll also write guides for frontliner and supporter positioning.

How to make an educated predict
Hi guys it's Wollelol again. This time I gonna share some Tips & Tricks about how to predict, why you should do it SOMETIMES and the different type of predictions in this game. So let me tell you you how to not miss your taunts and make some #AwesomePredictions. First of what are predictions and why should you make some. The most common example is a enemy is at lower then 30 hp and has his dash up (hit alt to see all the cds of every player). You realize he's not gonna stand there and take your shot in the face and die, right? So you start thinking where could he dash to and shoot that square. Easy peasy the simplest predict there is. Sadly it's not always that easy and there are different kind of scenarios so let me give you a few pointers to get you started. Which basicly means this is gonna be a rather short guide for now.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Self, how can I be a #ZUKIMANIA master, and run wild all over my enemies with my 24 inch rockets?"Have no fear, because NOW YOU CAN!

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Vostok's pub Grem
This build/guide is what I use as a 'take all comers' setup while solo queuing. It is intended for beginners to intermediate level players.A good Grem can be one of the most frustrating Lancers to play against.Every attack can be made from behind walls and ignores cover. With a good spot behind a wall, you can deal extremely high damage while remaining mostly untouchable. 

When to Die
Hello all,First, an introduction. I am relatively new to the game, only picking it up about 2 months ago, but I have been playing pretty avidly, and have gotten up to Gold 1 in solo queue, maintaining a pretty constant 60% win rate over my last 150 ranked games or so.That out of the way, this is going to be a fairly controversial guide, as it goes against one of the most fundamental tenants of playing well, and that is: Don't Die.Yes. This is your #1 priority in every game. Kills are how the game is won, so deaths only help your enemy win. Also, while you are dead, there are two turns where you are doing absolutely nothing, which sets your team behind in tempo. However, there are definitely times when it is appropriate to give up the fight, and go down swinging instead of wasting multiple turns just trying to live. This guide is written primarily from the firepower perspective, but is equally applicable to the other positions. Consider your role on the team, and in place of "doing damage" replace with "healing" or "disrupting the enemy position" or just in general "doing your job."

HellSpawn's guide to the Last Soldier
Hello! I'm HellSpawn and I've been playing since some weeks before the end of beta and through this time I've grown to love playing Blackburn and he has gotten me several wins. So I'm gonna be sharing the way I play him. Note: The way *I* play him, so I won't be going into detail about every possible strategy of him, just the ones I use, so that includes me talking about the mods I use and not the other ones.

Wheeling and Dealing DMG
We've all seen 2 fast 2 furious

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